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Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) was developed by Robert Detzler and is used to research the subconscious mind and soul records to clear and release limiting core beliefs.  Spiritual Response Therapy is based on the concepts of kinesiology, using muscle responses to bypass the conscious mind and negative programming to access the subconscious mind and receive guidance from within.

Our founder Anjali uses a pendulum and a set of specialized charts to call in and communicate with one’s High Self Committee, who in turn removes blocks and discordant energies from the Akashic, or soul records.  The research allows one to clear past lives, as well as negative programs, for instance, self-punishment, conflict, or trauma programs the Soul has set up for itself.

From the time of creation, the Soul accumulates both positive and negative energies based on beliefs, experiences, and choices.  These basic energies stay with the Soul through every incarnation, and can positively or adversely affect him, the negative ones blocking the Soul from developing their most optimal potential for health, wealth, purpose, or happiness.

Each person’s experiences and programs are unique, and SRT provides a way of changing the landscape of his inner and outer lives, carving a path for freedom. 

tuning chart
Spiritual Response Therapy
$200 (60 min)

Phone sessions also available

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