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Shamanic Healing


Reflective of the Peruvian shaman’s ceremony and rituals, this is one of Satori’s most profound wellness treatments.  Our founder Anjali provides a blend of advanced techniques to help clear energy blocks that have accumulated from the mental, emotional, and physical stress of daily life.

Illumination helps to eliminate core issues and themes that permeate our life, keeping us stuck in the past and preventing us from moving forward.  Dense, heavy energies trapped in the subtle energy centers of the body- resulting from attachment to our “stories”- are released and transformed.

Alternating specific acupressure points helps facilitate the translation of our memories.  Healing takes place on the essential level, at the source of our wounds, while imprints are removed from the literal level of the consciousness where they are the most damaging.  Often, one is able to transform what was once a repository of pain into a source of strength.

Illumination helps one energetically release what no longer serves them and move beyond repetitive challenges, in order to step into a greater state of joy, beauty, daily ease, and renewed sense of purpose.  This session is also highly recommended for fresh starts and those looking to step into life’s bigger calls for change.  

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is an ancient shamanic practice for recovering those parts of our essential selves that have been lost as a result of pain or trauma, and can often achieve in a few sessions what may take years of psychotherapy to accomplish.  Repeating negative motifs and themes in our life are indications of Soul loss.  The longing for wholeness recreates the pattern of the original wound so healing can occur, but is often not recognized and becomes a missed opportunity.

During Soul Retrieval, the healer journeys to the domains associated with the Soul, and with what Carl Jung described as the Shadow, inhabited by those parts of ourselves that we have disowned.  The healer visits the four chambers of the Soul to help one discover the source of their wounds, resulting in Soul loss.

By retrieving this information from the unconscious and bringing it into awareness, the client is able to understand the Soul contracts that they have made, reclaim the source of their passion and bliss, and discover the Soul treasures that they bring forth into the world.  Profound healing of the past is possible, allowing one to summon his or her destiny.  

Shamanic Healing

Phone Sessions also available

$200 (60 min)
Acupuncture & Shamanic Healing (Initial)
$275 (75 min)
Acupuncture & Shamanic Healing (Follow-up)
$250 (60 min)
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