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Shamanic Healing for Divine Intelligence

Opening Sacred Space

The shamanic healing begins by opening Sacred Space. By calling in the four cardinal directions to assist us, we gather the support of the archetypal energy of the Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, and Eagle. We also call upon Mother Earth below, and Great Spirit, Grandmother Moon, Father Sun, and the Star Beings above. We call in your Spirit Guides and set our collective intention for the healing- that each of us receives the support that we need, and that our light spreads to encompass those around us. Let our reach be far and wide.

This Week’s Vibe: Divine Intelligence

The inspiration for this week’s shamanic healing was the Child of the Cosmos card from The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell. The question this card asks is, “How can you surrender more deeply to the intelligent flow of life?” Read the HEALING VISION below to discover how the shamanic healing helped you clear restrictive energies and fully connect to Divine Intelligence.
(Starseed Oracle, Rebecca Campbell)



Affected Chakras: 4, 5, 6, 7

As sacred space opened and we tuned into your energy, you were floating through a sea of stars. The air currents were leading you through a portal to another world. You floated between dimensions, your physical body on Earth and your luminous body ready to rise. The thick air around you felt like fluid, and as you swam, the edges of the portal closed in around you, pushing you through the other side. As if exiting a womb, you crossed through the portal and entered a celestial plane. The ground was made of rolling carpets of starlight, and the sea ahead was pale purple. Three lilac moons hung in the air, a triangle of light hovering above the water and spinning like a mobile. There were women dressed in white, tall celestial beings who walked over the deep sea as easily as walking through a shallow stream. They guided you further into this world, through a forest of tall trees that danced and swayed in the wind like graceful ballerinas, and you could almost hear their voices whispering your name.

A white stag came bounding through the woods; he was tall and lean and majestic. He beckoned you forward, and you ran through the forest with him, leaping and bounding through the air as you were not held back by gravity. Crossing through the forest, you came to a clearing where the men of this plane gathered. While the female guides wore white and appeared almost translucent, the men were dark and solid, appearing to us as native medicine men. The grass was green, the fire burnt orange, and you were invited to relax in the field while they worked. One came to you and explained that this clearing was the only place on this plane with Earth energy, as they had a space for each planet’s inhabitants. You lie in the field, smelling the scent of freshly cut grass. You looked up at the sky filled with cumulus clouds and watched eagles fly overhead.

Native women came out of the teepees, each holding a bowl full of herbs. As you lie on the grass, they painted your face with mud, making elaborate designs to depict an animal. There were lions, zebras, and tigers, and as your face and body were painted, you began to embody these animals. Those who were lions were instilled with power, confidence, and the gift of leadership. Those with zebra stripes were filled with laughter, joy, and a sense of unbridled freedom. For the tigers, you were filled with a fierceness and primal instinct, understanding how to listen to and commune with the world around you. Next, the men gave you a warm red tea, symbolizing the water and blood we have running through our veins. You were given another green colored tea to represent the nutrients that feed us. Finally, you were given a violet colored tea, and this held the answers to the deep mysteries of life. The animal energy enabled you to step into a grounded, instinctual state; the green and red tea gave you the sustenance of food and water; and then the violet tea began to do its work, seeping into every cell of your being.

As you looked up at the sky, the Earth energy faded away, and you were completely immersed in the energy of this star world. The awareness of your physical body faded as well, and you stepped fully into your spirit body, rising up. You grew as tall as the Star Being guides and felt a white energy draped over your body like a robe. Your luminous body began to fill in, and each place that had been dented or shattered began to repair itself. Like a wet animal shaking itself dry, you let go of resistance, lack, misunderstanding, confusion, fear, grief, and all negative emotions that made you forget your purpose for being born into this world. With all of your upper chakras starting to spin open, all that created separation between you and Spirit was swept away with white feathers, coming out like gray smog.

As the smog began to clear, a skin was pulled off, and you felt the same relief as if undressing after a long day. With this layer removed, your mind began to connect, open, and expand. With the prism of your third eye, you connected with the stars and felt the wisdom and sheer power of the world around you. Though invisible, the pulse of the ‘other side’ rang out to you crystal clear, like a drumbeat reverberating into your very soul. You felt the pulse of the infinite field of love, wholeness, and life as if it was all that was there, all that encompassed everything you saw, felt, or touched. The white stag came to you again, the king of the forest, the protector of all other creatures. Looking into your eyes, he transferred to you his energy of intuition, sensitivity, and gentleness. The women guides came near, floating through the purple sea along your side, and brought you back to the star portal by which you had come to this world. You entered again to return home, this time with the knowledge that each cell within you contained the stars and the intelligence of the universe. You brought this knowing back home, and even within your flesh, felt the burn and pulse of life from the other side.

(Image by Pexels)

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