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How Does Long Distance Energy Healing Work?

Energy healing has been practiced for millennium in many societies, all around the world. It can be done in person or it can be done at a distance with the same benefits. But why or how does it work at a distance? I will try to explain a little bit about it here in some ways that you may relate to.

Have you ever cried over a movie on TV, the news, or a song? Have you ever felt joy, pain, love, or sadness when communicating with someone over the internet, through a letter, or photograph or thinking of someone who pops into your mind? Does this feeling come over you like a wave that you feel intensely in your own body? These responses are natural to us as humans although sometimes we barely understand why we feel them or how it works. We can feel the energy of someone who is in our presence or at a distance because energy itself has no time/space/feeling limit.

Some people notice these “etheric energies” more than others and are called “empaths” for this reason. Other people still feel energies, but the ability may be locked up deep inside or blocked by resistance or the busyness of life. A person may also just be more naturally focused on the “thinking” mind rather than the “feeling” mind.

Our bodies exist in more than only the physical plane. They also exist simultaneously in energetic planes that are related to our aura, our life-force, our soul, mentality/thoughts and our emotions and these are not separate from our physical bodies, but joined altogether. While we experience our physical form in the physical world we see, taste, smell, touch, hear, perceive, know, and we also experience these other aspects of ourselves like our emotions, and so forth. But our emotions do not exist only as physical manifestations. They can be described as existing in emotional planes. We know, however, that when we have emotions such as sadness, anger, joy, peacefulness (all the ‘nesses’) that they also can and do directly affect our bodies, and so we have physical reactions to emotions. We also see how our emotions can affect our thoughts or our thoughts can affect our emotions. These are all interwoven throughout our being and who we are. Further, the interaction that we have with others and their fields of energy, is something we also feel. We feel those aspects of other people’s emotions and state of being even though we are not doing so in 100% of a PHYSICAL way. We feel them with our other senses that are not confined to space and time. Thus, we always feel others “at a distance.” But this so-called distance is only one level of the equation. It does not exist when we consider that most of who we are is beyond the confines of distance– which by the way, includes time zones.

If we are considering helping others with non-physical energies (Reiki, shamanism, bioenergies, chi, prana), we can utilize distance energy healing. We may then have further questions like how long it takes, how would the other person receive it, and finally about the healing process itself and the discernment.

The most common modality of distance healing is to send energies to the person whom we want to help. This can be done in several ways based on empathy, intuition, experience, techniques within a healing system, guides, angels, ancestors, nature, vibration, out of body techniques, dreaming, visions, synchronicity, and humble “asking.” It can work even if we don’t mentally or consciously know why due to positive INTENT. I say intent rather than intention because I was taught that intent is more direct and active and is a positive affirmation to send energies right now, not later with all good intentions of a lackadaisical attitude.

Another aspect is that you are sending something of your own energy to help others. If you have a peaceful, calm, loving attitude, presence, habit, and way of being, then this is often what the other person feels the most, regardless of any other healing aspects being sent. From personal experiences, for instance, this is something that I receive in my feedback the most often. Peace, balance, calm. I used to wonder why. But now I realize that I am sharing myself. Therefore it is very very important to cleanse and be in a good frame of mind and sacred space when sending healing.

On top of this, one result that tells you as a healer that you are “doing it right” is when you feel really good after a healing! This is because you are not isolated from the other person. Energy always goes both ways, like an electrical circuit. What you send, you truly get back as a deLIGHTful gift of healing for yourself too! It feels like bliss. It is something to be extremely grateful for and to consider as a Divine gift for the other person and yourself and all you encounter. Because even when you walk down the street or speak to the next person, you will radiate that healing energy and smile. Strangers will automatically perceive it and be drawn to you, smiling back even though they don’t know why! It really is a positive contagious feeling, the ripple effect.

What are some of the benefits of distance healing? These benefits are very personal. They may include insights and visions, songs, physical, mental, emotional healing. In general here are some of what people report: revitalization of energy and purpose; creativity; childlike joy, bliss, feeling who you really are, protected, cared for, relief, painlessness, peace, calm, balance, humor, connection, a younger you, gratitude, wonder, indescribable goodness, light, love, new ideas/inspiration, personal miracles, and the acceleration of the healing process after being ill or having a medical procedure.

How long does it take to work? That depends on the person and situation. Some people will say it happens immediately. Other people say it happens over a few days, weeks, or over a longer time in small ways. And some also have releases in which old energies pass away or come up in order to be brought to the light and then let go. This seems to be a calibration process or a way in which the body/mind/spirit gets used to living in a new way and has to get used to releasing old habits, energies, stories, traumas that have been “embodied” over long periods of time or family history. It is a sort of reconciliation between other states of being that has to adjust.

How can speed the healing process up when receiving a healing? We can try to be open, trusting, loving to ourselves and others, gentle, patient and just speak it out loud or ask. “I am ready to receive the best possible outcome for healing now and always. Let it be. Please help. Thank you.” You can repeat this affirmation in prayer, meditation or just through thought. Repetition helps. Meditation and prayer also helps. You don’t really have to know why it works, but just believe that it does. The mind cannot fully grasp what is outside it in other states of being entirely. Accept that and know that there is an intelligence that is innate to you as a part of the Divine. It is Divine Intelligence and it created the miracle that you are. You can access this even without thought and understanding, simply by “being.”

You may also wonder, how can I know whether or not I am healed or not, especially if I fell asleep during the healing or felt nothing? Falling asleep is often a way that our consciousness deals with healing. Our brains and thoughts often get in the way, so instead we fall asleep. Even though we are asleep, our consciousness and soul knows what is going on and opens to the process more easily. Even if we saw visions and we fail to recall them afterwards, we still have this recorded in our being. They still effect us in deeper ways than memory alone may recollect. Some people, on the other hand, may have all kinds of visions and sensations during a healing session. They may also question if they are imagining things or what is real. The mind and subconscious states mostly work in terms of symbolism. The symbols that you see are a kind of language that is personal to you and work on deep levels. These symbols often have many layers of meaning and relevance in the present or may also be revealed in the future. Do not discount anything you see or feel. It is all part of the process of opening up and communicating on other levels of perception and existence. These are gifts and tools, helpers. Our spirit guides, angels and ancestors communicate with us in these ways. The more you acknowledge the communication, and the more you delve into it, the more it will develop in complex and personal ways. And the more you say YES to what you receive, the more the angels and guidance will come to you to give you more.

So in essence, all healing work is at a distance, but this distance is not relevant in terms of the facets of our being. We are made up of layers that interact as one- emotions, spirit, soul, physicality, mental thought, intuition. Most of those layers exist without time and space, at all. We feel another person empathetically even though we are not that other person. We can be standing in front of that person, yet in some way we are at a distance because we are not him or her. We can cry at a sad or touching TV program or feel deep love for someone at distance across the world— or may I add, even if that person has crossed over. Why? Because this is how human beings were created. It is part of who we are and how we exist. This is why healing works over long distances just as effectively as if it were “in person.” We all can do it, and healers utilize this fact and increase it though experience, talent, techniques, and help from the Divine, Nature, and our angels and guides.

Author: Gina O’Connor


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