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It was exactly what I needed.

“For months, I had been battling issues with my voice…experiencing symptoms of hoarseness and fatigue after short periods of speaking and singing. I did the necessary run of seeing several ear and voice specialists to investigate what could be wrong. All my results came back normal, but I KNEW something was not right. I went to see my regular physician for another recommendation, and that was when he referred me to Anjali at Satori. I had known about acupuncture, reiki, and shamanic healings prior but never considered it as an option for my vocal therapy. It was exactly what I needed. After one session, I experienced a physical change. I noticed the tension in my vocal chords was lessening and my hoarseness was getting better. I went for two more sessions before I went out on a six-week tour. I had no problems singing after that. I continue to see Anjali for any physical and emotional work that I need. I would recommend this form of therapy to everyone I know…and I have! It has gone on to help so many others I care about. Sometimes a little work from within is really all you need.”

-Melanie Fiona, 2 time Grammy winning singer

“The healings that Anjali performs are truly amazing”

In the 16 years that I have practiced as a Registered Nurse, I have always recommended acupuncture to my patients as a complement therapy for healing any disease. Acupuncture is so powerful and fast-acting- it truly can be a lifesaver for anxiety, panic disorders, arthritis, MS, fibromyalgia, endometriosis…and the list goes on. I have been to many acupuncturists but my personal/professional advice is that Anjali is the best that I have ever experienced! She is extremely gentle with the needles, she listens to her patients, and results ensue. I have recommended many of my patients and colleagues to her and they have all been very satisfied.

I can not stress enough how Satori Holistic and the healings that Anjali performs are truly amazing and the medicine of the 22nd century. If you want results, healing, and transformation, then allow yourself to come and experience the awesome Reiki, acupuncture, Shamanic healings, and SRT’s. The past year that I have been seeing her has been the most magical year for me in my 39 years, and I confidently know that they will only get better working with someone as highly competent as Anjali!

Christine Villabona Kuntz, PACU (Recovery Room) Nurse, Lenox Hill Hospital


“The power of acupuncture!”

Anjali is brilliant! I had a high risk pregnancy. We knew I was being induced at 36 weeks, and my daughter was breech for the entire pregnancy. At 33 weeks, my Ob/Gyn Dr. Jennifer Wu referred me to Anjali for acupuncture treatments. After only four sessions, my daughter turned! Anjali also gave me acupuncture to help with an easy delivery. Once I was 10 cm dilated, it only took four minutes for my daughter to come out!

I went to Satori with a phobia of needles, and I came out truly enjoying my sessions. They were so relaxing that I fell asleep each time! Anjali is genuine, knowledgable, and very talented! I thank her for saving me from a C-section and introducing me to the power of acupuncture!

Allison, Teacher


“I thank Anjali for a natural and soothing approach to solving infertility problems at age 40!”

After 8 months of trying to get pregnant, I found Anjali. I was 39 years old and worried about infertility after not conceiving for such a long period of time. In her calm and positive ways, Anjali suggested acupuncture. The acupuncture was calming and relaxing. After a month or two, my fertility doctor said it was time to begin thinking seriously about IVF, due to my age. Not wanting to go down that road, I expressed my concerns to Anjali. She suggested trying a Shamanic Healing. A “What?” I asked. I had never been exposed to any energy work before and had never heard of a chakra. She explained that sometimes when there’s no physical explanation for not getting pregnant, then there may be an energetic reason which we could clear. She said problems of the body require physical medicine, but problems of the soul require energy medicine. I was ready to try anything! As it turned out, the healing was completely nuts but very interesting. I didn’t feel much as she worked to remove a veil between me and the spirit world. But after that session, I missed my next period and realized I was pregnant! I had a totally comfortable 40 weeks of pregnancy (I kept going for acupuncture) and have a beautiful baby boy as a result. I also referred to Anjali several women from my office who also couldn’t get pregnant (was something in the water?!), and after several months each one of them conceived. I thank Anjali for a natural and soothing approach to solving infertility problems at age 40!

Barbara, Education Consultant


“Facilitated my own body’s healing helping me to become pregnant”

I began seeing Anjali for infertility a few months ago. I am 39 years old and have been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years. Her combination of acupuncture, energy work, and pure intentions actually opened up blocked pathways that I had for a very long time. Anjali beautifully facilitated my own body’s healing helping me to become pregnant…how do you thank someone for such a gift?

Denise, Massage Therapist


“She is truly gifted”

It’s been over 5 years since I first found Anjali and her beautiful Satori Holistic. Meeting her has shifted my life in so many ways. What began as a simple visit for Acupuncture and Reiki turned into an amazing, magical journey of healing on deeper levels. Through her work, she brings great beauty, joy, unending patience and compassion. When I delivered my baby, Anjali was there for 21 hours to give me acupuncture for the labor and to see my son arrive. She is truly gifted to not only guide others, but to reveal the great transformations and possibilities that lie dormant within us all.

Sally, Vogue Fashion Writer


“Anjali is a true healer”

I began work with Anjali in 2007 soon after a family member was diagnosed with cancer. The stress in my life was almost unbearable; I was in physical and emotional pain at a time when I needed all of my resources to support my family and keep my own life moving forward.

Anjali was highly recommended by a friend who had seen her for years and had very positive things to say about her healing abilities. I went for a consultation, and Anjali suggested we begin with working on the physical pain I had in my shoulders and back. We started with acupuncture. At the time I believed enough in alternative treatment that I was willing to try it, but I was skeptical about long term results. I continued treatments with Anjali because it was clear to me I was healing not only physically, but also on emotional and spiritual levels. I made it through that stressful period and continue to see Anjali on an “as needed” basis.

Acupuncture treatments combined with Reiki have been particularly powerful for me. During the one hour session Anjali seems to journey deep into my subconscious. At the end of the session she’ll share what can only be described as a voyage she takes with my soul to retrieve images and metaphors that relate to my life and to my deepest needs and desires. We’ll discuss the images so that I can determine what they mean to me. She encourages me to journal about the experience so that I can go deeper into its meaning. It has led to profound discovery and healing.

I am thoroughly convinced that Anjali is a true healer, skilled in “alternative” techniques including Acupuncture, Reiki, and Spiritual Response Therapy. I feel very lucky to have found her and am grateful for the work she’s done with me.

Teresa, Freelance Writer

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