When you’re born, the planets tell a story of your path this lifetime. And most of it…is a long walk with yourself.  As life ebbs and flows, astrology can help navigate by giving you timeframes that are ripe for opportunity – or require focused hard work.

By booking an astrology reading, you will receive an overview of your birth (or natal) chart, which provides insight into your personality:

  • How you think
  • How you emote
  • How others perceive you
  • How you love
  • How you communicate
  • How you like to work

After the overview of your personality, you will receive additional information about how the planets today are impacting your birth chart.  As the sun, moon and planets move through their orbits, they express energy onto your birth chart. These energies signal times of action, delay, hard-work or easy-riding.  A reading can give you dates for each of these energetic shifts, providing guidelines for how to handle life’s many opportunities and challenges.

Astrology: $160 (60 min), $240 (90 min)


Tarot is a tool used to reveal the patterns of the unconscious and facilitate the clarity necessary to create one’s health and happiness. A Tarot reading helps one to gain insight to fundamental life questions, revealing the past, current, and possible future states of a relationship or situation, as well as helping one to make decisions when they come to a crossroad.  A map of mental and spiritual pathways, the tarot reveals one’s inner world and connects one to their higher wisdom.

Our Tarot master Birdie integrates the four basic elements of new age alchemy into each session, where the seeker is illuminated on the availability of their own personal resources, and how to use and cultivate their effectiveness.  With over 50 decks in her repertoire, Birdie uses the primary tools of Tarot and Western astrology to reach the heart, body, mind, and spirit, and provides what wisdom is needed to choose and sustain one’s abundance.

Tarot: $200 (60 min)