The chakras are focal points of energy located throughout the body.  In Sanskrit, the word chakra means ‘wheel of light.’  As we go through life experiences, our thoughts and feelings create physical gestures which shape the posture of our energy.  In optimum health, the chakras spin clockwise, open to receiving universal energy. With negative experiences and emotions, a buildup of debris collects and blocks the flow of energy, stopping the movement altogether or causing the chakras to spin backwards.  When this happens, instead of receiving from the universe, we project our own issues onto the world, thus creating even more negative experiences as the world perfectly reflects our inner beliefs. Because our chakras correlate with our glands, organs, and nervous system, blockages can also lead to physical illness.

Chakra Balancing is an effective holistic practice which assists in bringing your body and energy back into harmony.  This powerful tool has been used for thousands of years and is documented throughout every culture over the course of time.  Sommer uses methods such as guided imagery, breathwork, self-guided reiki incorporated with distant reiki, mantras, and specific yoga practices to balance the chakras and improve the function of the nervous and endocrine systems, resulting in greater clarity, intuitiveness, communication, self-love, personal power, and stability.

Chakra Balancing: $150 (60 min video session)


Private sessions to give you valuable tools for understanding and creating personal ethics, boundaries, communication skills, intuitive development, and relaxation techniques. Sommer gives you powerful tools to identify physical and emotional stresses, as well as methods for self-healing through massage therapy, energy balancing, breath work, guided imagery, nutrition, and day to day mindfulness that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Life Skills & Life Hacks: $125 (60 min video session)


Medical Qi Gong uses the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine to assist in mind-body-spirit practices that alleviate trauma, pain, stress, and tension throughout your entire being.

In Qi Gong, there are three main components of a session: 1) purging out acquired/negative emotions, 2) tonifying the virtuous/positive qualities of self, and 3) regulating the virtuous qualities throughout the body, all to allow for deep healing and lead to the advancement of spiritual awakening.

You will learn easy-to-do physical exercises, breath work, and guided imagery which is designed to heal the body, quiet the mind, and connect you with your High Self.  These exercises are simple and powerful. Using the Three Treasures– posture, breath, and intention- Qi Gong also teaches you how to access universal qi (energy) and enhance your own life force for longevity and well-being.  Ages 5-105 are welcome to attend! Group sessions are also available.

Qi Gong: $100 (60 min video session)


1 hour guided sessions of a therapeutic healing nature… this is no regular downward dog!

Learn 8 variations of breathwork, various meditations, and new ideas for spiritual expansion through mantras, mudras, and chants.  You will learn how to listen to your High Self without distractions, track your breath so it can guide you to sources of hidden pain, and heal and strengthen from internal to external core.

When people think of yoga, they often envision physical poses. Yoga, however, is so much more. In fact, asanas (physical postures) were not part of yoga until the modern era of time.  The first mention of yoga dates back to 2500 BCE. Karma yoga (the discipline of selfless action), Bhakti Yoga (love and devotion to an endeavor), Raja Yoga (the intention of achieving control over the mind and emotions), and Jnana Yoga (the path of self-realization) all help to retrain the mind so you can reach your highest potential, in both your internal and external world.

Asanas (physical postures) bring clarity to your inner self and help you to get in touch with your deep rooted emotions, hurt, and trauma. Yoga helps move the negativity out of your body so you can live in harmony as your authentic self.  Group sessions are also available.

Yoga: $100 (60 min video session)