Services: Vedic Meditation: Antar Mouna (Inner Silence), Yog Nidra (Yogic Sleep); MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction); Meditation workshops for groups

“I recently did an online guided meditation session with Smita and highly recommend her. She had a calm and compassionate meditation voice and instantly made me comfortable and at ease. I greatly benefited from our session, and it helped me focus better on my work day. In these days of distraction, this was such a wonderful opportunity to declutter the mind and be more mindful.”


Antar Mouna (Inner Silence), refers to a Yogic guided meditation technique that involves channeling of the thought process and moving it inwards (Pratyahar), through self-awareness and mindfulness.  It leads to the experience of shanti and sthirta (peace and stability) of mind.  The chitta vrittis (mental patterns) are gently guided to be held at bay, as the mind experiences thoughtlessness.  By internalizing the senses through this form of meditation, one observes the inner and underlying structure of the mind and thought processes.  Smita teaches Beginner & Intermediate Antar Mouna.


Yog Nidra (Yogic Sleep) is a guided systematic method of inducing complete mental, emotional, and physical relaxation.  Yog Nidra is derived from the esoteric system of nyasa, as described in the tantric scriptures.  It is a powerful technique of Pratyahar (moving inwards), providing a systematic method for consciously moving into the deeper realms of personality and removing physical fatigue, emotional imbalances and mental tensions, thereby revitalizing the mind and consciousness. It is said that the effects of a few minutes of Yog Nidra is equivalent to a several hour nap.  Smita teaches Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Yog Nidra.


Mindfulness/Heartfulness is a form of present moment awarenessmeditation that is suitable for anyone who has never tried meditation, or may even find it overwhelming.  This non-judgemental practice gently guides you in simple breathing exercises and guided imagery that brings you to a state of relaxed mind and body and reduces stress and anxiety.  Mindfulness practice is like a ‘peace-rush’ for the overwhelmed mind, where the peace is harvested from within. It is also known to increase self-compassion and decrease depressive symptoms.

Meditation: $100 (30 min video session), $150 (60 min video session)