“In my opinion, there is only one true authentic Seer of the Future and Medium, and that is Max. Many, many have passed by me. Some left me unimpressed, others touched upon certain points which flattered me, but offered nothing in the way of mystical direction.
Max effortlessly and very correctly makes prophecies, then offers practical, sound advice which is very often poignant and even poetic. He is always positive- doesn’t scare one- no! Never. A session with him is consoling. He becomes one’s teacher. A man of deep, abiding faith, Max is very down-to-earth, while really never touching the ground at all.
In short, I am his loyal devotee, and he is my angel!”
-Maxime de La Falaise


Max offers readings, spiritual consultations, and thematic lectures on any variety of subjects.

His methodologies include Geopsychic Orientation & Osirian Orientation- a type of 19th century metaphysics which, along with foretelling a client’s future with exact dates, names and circumstances, enables a rebalancing of one’s karmic structure.

Max’s inspirational messages, available to everyone, are always heart-warming, energizing, and Light-filled.

Osirian Orientation Reading: $160 (1 hour phone session)
Follow Up Questions: $90 (30 min), $50 (15 min)