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All healings with Gina are $190 unless otherwise noted.  The sessions are done remotely after a thorough email discussion, and you will receive a beautifully written, detailed report of the healing within several days. Q & A follow up is always welcome.

“Are you doing something because I have BIG BIG BIG PRESSURE WAVES WASHING OVER ME RIGHT NOW! Wish there were new words I could say to you so you didn’t hear the same old thing about how amazing you are. My chest and heart feel like somebody rubbed Vicks vapor rub all over my insides and rinsed it with peppermint. Thank you so so much. You make life better. Love and gratitude.”


Genetic disorders of the DNA can cause a lack of resistance against particular diseases and may be passed down through many generations or branches of a family tree. Mindsets, beliefs, dysfunctional emotional tendencies and cycles of abuse may also be transmitted through the family by learned behavioral patterns which might not even be perceived amongst individuals in the family itself.

The Q’ero Inca shamans have a technique for cutting the dysfunctional cords of the ancestors called Alma Taq’ay, or Ancestor Healing. It is an important healing technique used to free you from any wounded or defective aspects in your family tree that may have been passed onto you and do not serve you for the highest good. It releases blocks that have persisted over time within you that have derived from the family. The Ancestor Healing may also travel back in time to heal individuals in the family who may still be living or even those who have passed.  It can have an impact over time and space in this respect.

It works on old issues and removes the heavy energy that persists within these issues. We all have a strong connection to people in our family and even at a distance their energies can affect us intensely. This is when the cords should be cut so that you are not constantly being fed by negativity or drained of your vital energy. When a person is constantly under attack, she or he can lose their focus, self-esteem, feeling of support, and even one’s health. Any heavy issues that haunt the energy of the receiver will be detached and then blown to the light.

When the cords are cut in the Ancestor Healing process, it does not mean you will be cut off from all the potential positive aspects and love from your family; instead, it only weeds away the attachments that are harmful to our souls and replaces them with more positive connections. Every cord and attachment goes both ways and can trigger or escalate the family problems as they are constantly passed back and forth in ways that are counterproductive to healthy and loving relationships.  If we heal these cords then the energy that is transmitted is one of a love, compassion, generosity, gratitude and light. True ayni (sacred reciprocity) can then be shared and expressed. The cord then becomes more like a ray of sunshine illuminating and lifting up our relationships so that they are nourishing all family members concerned. This not only can help to heal the past, but it helps to heal the future in that these issues will not be passed on to future generations.

ANGEL (Anchanchu) HEALING 

In Inca Shamanism, the Quechua word for Angels is Anchanchus. The Anchanchus reside in the Upper Worlds or Heavens and are one of the types of spirit guides who help us walk our path authentically and guide us through our lives. In Western culture, we know them as Guardian Angels. Although they reside in the dimensions of the Upper Worlds, they are also connected to us personally as part of our aura or energetic luminous body. The Angel or Anchanchu Healing is a traditional method that opens up and cleanses seven energetic points on your back and seven layers around your body or aura so that you can move forward in life with ease and grace with the guidance of your angels. This healing can assist you in activating your luminous body and pathways or meridians of light in your energetic body.

The Seven Luminous Paths on your body or in your aura are related to the following:
*Meeting your personal Angels, Masters and Teachers
*Deepening your Insight or Inner vision
*Connecting to Helpers and Inner support
*Clearly see your own issues in life so you can move past them
*Making your Dreams and Goals come true
*Connecting to the Sweetness and Joy in life, the Nectar of your Heart and Soul
*Realizing your Destiny, reason to be, why you were born.

Your Guardian Angels help you immensely in anchoring or linking you to your destiny. This healing essentially helps to 1) connect you to the path of your soul, 2) balance masculine and feminine energies (left and right sides of the body), 3) open up communication with your  guidance in life, 4) clear and cleanse blocks in your path, 5) give you inner power and strength, 6) bring more flow and anchor or ground you, 7) raise your frequency/consciousness/awareness and understanding, as a whole.

The Angel Healing Session also includes 2 forms of Cleansing and Integration of Intelligent Light.


In this world today, we are often left feeling overwhelmed by the news of the day, people at work, relationships, traumas, and all sorts of situations. Because of this, we may end up feeling drained and out of balance. Especially sensitive or empathetic people who feel others deeply often do not know how to shut out other people’s energy or projections and thus store these heavy loads inside themselves (in their hearts, stomachs, backs, minds, and all over their bodies).

This Incan healing treatment offers you protection so you do not constantly soak up all that is around you in a way that can bring you out of balance. It also centers you, back inside yourself. With this treatment, you also will receive 3 other forms of healing to cleanse and integrate light to replenish your energetic system.


This is an Incan healing to transform you with lumin-essence from crystal dimensions. It connects you with sacred crystalline places in the world, such as Machu Picchu, known as the Crystal City, as well as dimensional layers in Mother Earth (Pachamama).

In this special healing, Gina works with both physical and etheric crystals specifically for your personal healing needs. Rays of each color of the rainbow, as well as different quartz crystal properties are beamed to bring healing energies to areas in need of attention. This can be your heart, third eye, womb, stomach, legs, bones, lungs, skin– all physical parts of the body that may require deep healing. The radiance of the crystals also can illuminate emotional issues that have been stuck inside you and need more light for you to move forward. Furthermore, crystals always contain enormous amounts of information. The same way a tiny chip of quartz is used in computers to store and transmit information, crystals themselves are light-braries of knowledge about the nature of the universe and personal reality that bring clarity to problems, creativity for new projects, and wisdom about how to live in health, balance, happiness, and inner peacefulness.


Q’ero Inca shamans frequently work with quartz crystals for healing, and they are important tools within the mesa (medicine bundle). Not only do they use physical crystals, but they also work with energetic or etheric crystal from within the earth. Quartz crystal has piezoelectric properties that can assist for healing. If pressure is applied, then it can change from a negative to a positive charge, emitting energy simply by holding it in our hands! This acts as support to amplify, focus, store, and transmit energy as well as thought. It is the connection between the physical dimension and mental and spiritual dimensions or altered states of consciousness. It can transform thoughts into sound through vibration and discharged energy. And it facilitates speaking to and receiving information from other realms- masters, guides, teachers, and healers.

In the Crystal Healing Rite, you will be connected with your own crystal tools from within the crystal temple of the earth. We journey for you to this temple to retrieve your crystals and work with them during your healing session. The crystals that present themselves are specific for the kind of healing and issues that you need at the time. This rite also brings light to your entire energetic field, balancing your left and right sides, and masculine and feminine energies. The crystals will also help cut any cords that are holding you back and align your chakras. The Crystal Healing Rite activates those crystal helpers who want to assist you in your healing process at the deepest level, and it is a profound healing experience.

DEEKSHA (Oneness Blessing)

The Deeksha is a transfer of divine, intelligent energy. The process works by creating a neurobiological shift in the brain and awakening certain energy centers in the physical and subtle bodies. This shift in consciousness frees you from the suffering created by the mind, balances the body’s natural healing energies, and attunes the brain with the fields of unity, bringing an end to the illusion of apparent separation. Once you receive the blessing, a gradual awakening process begins that leads you naturally to a lasting state of oneness, inner peace, and well-being. Deeksha is a non-denominational blessing which originated in India at Oneness University. It was founded by Sri Amma and Bhagavan as a gift to all spiritual seekers aiming to ascend to a higher level state of  consciousness. This process opens the doors to the divine presence, which makes healing, liberation, and other mystical phenomena possible.


Despachos are traditional offerings made by Inca shamans to honor Mother Earth (Pachamama). They may also be made for the mountain spirits (Apus), goddesses of the water (nustas), or ancestral spirits. The purpose of despachos is to bring balance back into relationships be offering reciprocity and gratitude for those gifts which we receive. They are also used as prayers to create healing or a positive outcome. The Inca healing despachosare made up of a long list of natural and symbolic products. They may include roses, flower, cotton, seeds, sugar, candy, fruit, herbs, incense, resin, and many more options. No two despachos are alike. We will make an Inca healing DespachoCeremony with your participation and energy. You will add your intentions, gratitude, and personal request with the help of a kintu (3 coco leaves, bay leaves, or rose leaves) into which you will blow your prayers and intentions. The Despachowill be offered to the fire, water, or earth. As soon as it is offered, a transformation process will begin.

Despacho: $60 as addition to another healing

DNA CLEANSING (Hucha Mikhuy)

DNA Cleansing is an Incan healing technique to release hucha, or heavy energies, that collect from everyday stress, illness, or trauma. When the hucha is removed, there is space for a refined light energy called sami. During the healing process, the sami flows through the chakras (nawis) and circulates all over your body, even down to the DNA level. It is best to have the Energetic Cleansing first, then work with the DNA Cleansing to clear genetic and emotional issues that have been passed down through generations.


Energetic cleansing can positively affect your spiritual, mental, and emotional nature by removing negative energy you may be carrying, either as a result of stress and the everyday accumulation of contact with one’s work environment or other people’s influence of negativity that you have unconsciously taken on and hold within your emotions and physical body. It can also occur due to unintentional or intentional negativity aimed at you (jealousy, anger, envy, high pressure), or more severe negativity aimed at you (abuse, a hex, divorce, mental imbalance). Energetic cleansing washes away negative conditions and clears the way for positive experiences.

This method of cleansing starts at the crown chakra or head and proceeds down the front of the body, to the feet. During the Hucha Rumi, you become more deeply grounded and rooted into Mother Earth (Pachamama). Each section of your aura is addressed so your past, present, and future can be thoroughly cleansed and made whole again. We also reconnect you with the umbilical cord of your life and light. Furthermore, by working with the sacred stones (khyuas), we help give you added protection so your aura is less susceptible to further stress or energetic heaviness.


In the Andean Incan tradition, the nustas are another name for goddesses, or feminine energies. In Quechua, nusta means “princess.” The nustas also correspond with the colors of the rainbows and your chakras (nawis), but also mountains, lakes and water. There are many many nustas. They are not only Incan goddesses, but goddesses that support you and can come in the forms of different goddesses in nature around the world.

The Nusta Healing and Blessing was designed, according to Incan tradition, to bring light to and illuminate your three main energetic centers (third eye, heart, and stomach). It is also to help you solve specific issues in your life. You can share about issues you would like to heal and the nustas will help to clarify and bring healing to those problems so they can be solved in your life. Thus, each Nusta healing is unique to focus on what you want to heal and solve. The energy of the Divine Feminine comes to balance your system and energy field and fortify your body and aura, so you can face life’s issues and work through them or find solutions and transform them. The nustas also help you soften your heart, bring the energy of the feminine to balance you, and connect you to goddesses all around the world. This type of healing is appropriate for both women and men, because we all have masculine and feminine energies within us.

The Western world often lacks a focus on the Divine Feminine, so instead there can be a tendency for more masculine energies to dominate us. Sometimes, women are also forced into trying to be more masculine in order to succeed in life to be powerful. The feminine energies are not always appropriately honored or respected- in either women or men- although they are extremely powerful in a multitude of ways. Thus imbalance can occur in our energetic system. The healing helps us to connect to the feminine principles and feminine divine energies and helps us to address and solve an infinite array of problems to bring back balance, clarity, light, so they can be transformed and move forward. What Gina has found from giving the Nusta Healing is that it is different for each person. Different goddesses come to offer feminine energies to help an individual for what she or he needs at that time. So far there have been many coming for each person and it doesn’t matter what spiritual or religious tradition you are from (or even if you are not spiritual or religious at all) these energies are not bound by religious boundaries. Although it can be that they will come based on what you love the most– such as Mother Mary in her different forms, Athena, Changing Woman, Quan Yin or others. Even though this is a healing taught in the Incan tradition, it is not only Incan goddesses that may be there for you. It is really amazing how these healings apply in such personal and universal ways.


The Nusta Kunas are the princesses and goddesses of the mountains (apus)and waters along the highlands of Peru and Bolivia. The Nusta Kuna Karpay is the initiation of the Seven Andean Goddesses from the Inca Shamanic tradition. There are many more Inca goddesses, but these are the seven that are the most known and are connected to each other. Each one is represented by a different color of the rainbow and are connected to our chakras. The seven initiations are seeds of light or energetic points of transmission to bring feminine energy around the luminous body. As you heal and balance the Divine Feminine within yourself, so do you help heal Mother Nature. Further, the Nusta Kuna Karpay will connect you more deeply with other goddesses around the world, as they are in communication like a network of energy around the world grid.

The Seven Inca Nustas:

  1. Mama Ocllo: She is the creator goddess or mother of Father Sun (Inti Tayta) and Mother Moon (Mama Quilla). Inca legend says that she emerged from Lake Titicaca in Bolivia near the Temple of the Moon. She brings seeds of light into the seven chakras.
  2. Dona Mujia: She is the goddess and spirit of the sea (Mama Cocha) and also all flowers. She works on the negative aspects of the ego. With the love of flowers, we can bring spirits of the water to you wherever you go.
  3. Mama Simona: She lives in the area west of Cusco and is connected to your ancestral female lineage. With her, you can connect with your roots. The transmission is through the solar plexus. Her energy is like coming home and finding yourself again.
  4. Dona Theresa: She is the nusta of love. She lives in Apu Ausungate. Ausungate has a heart shape to it, and she resides in that particular part of the mountain. She cleans the heart energy so we can see with and express our hearts with love.
  5. Maria Sakapana: She is the goddess of wind and communication. She is connected to the throat chakra and lives in Apu Ausungate. She is also related to the condor. During her initiation, the fifth chakra will be cleansed to remove any blocks and to embrace who you are.
  6. Juana Wamantikilla: She also resides in Apu Ausungate. She has within her condors, eagles, and owls. She is connected to the third eye chakra and represents clarity and a higher perspective in life. She brings visions and pulls away clouds so we can see like an eagle or condor, from high above.
  7. Thomasa Wamantikilla: She is the twin sister of Juana Wamantikilla. She resides in the area of Umanta, a huge mountain, north of Cusco. She is the goddess of Freedom. Her initiation is one of transformation.


The Great Initiations are two hour long sessions in which the shaman supports you in connecting with the path of your own soul and calling in life. There are three main initiations that are facilitated, collectively known as the Hatun Karpay. You will receive one initiation at a time. First, there is the opening of the heart (munay). Second is the opening of the third eye (yanchay), and third is the opening of the energetic stomach (liankay).

Munay: This initiation opens an energetic correlation with the Heart chakra. The shaman will open the nine gates of the heart and soften the heart so you can heal and express yourself in all aspects. These are also referred to as the Temples of the Heart. They are as follows: 1) Temple of Joy, 2) Temple of Sadness or Grief, 3) Temple of Humility, 4) Temple of Hope, 5) Temple of Anger, 6) Temple of Ego, 7) Temple of Harmony, 8) Temple of Sweetness, 9) Temple of Wisdom.

Yanchay: This initiation opens an energetic correlation with the sixth chakra, or Third Eye. It helps clear your vision and bring deeper insight into life and your spiritual path. It is often connected to condors, eagles, and owls who have powerful vision. To receive this initiation is to gain more knowledge about your choices and may also increase or deepen your sixth sense of psychic knowing.

Liankay: This initiation opens an energetic correlation with the second chakra or sacral/stomach. In Inca Shamanism, the spiritual stomach is extremely important. It is where we hold stress or heavy energy if we don’t regularly cleanse it. On the other hand, when it is clear, it also holds powerful energy to heal and transform life. It is connected to our umbilical cord and thus to our origin and purpose. It is connected to a higher light from the heavens from where we originated before we came to be physically born on earth.

Hatun Karpay: $250


The Nine Temples (or Chambers) of the Heart healing is designed to bring emotional healing, spiritual development and transformation. It is especially focused on healing the heart- our energetic heart and emotions and traumas.

In the Q’ero Inca tradition, there are nine chambers in our energetic heart. Each chamber relates to emotions such as joy, anger, grief, and love. The chambers or temples are also related to ways of acting in response to emotional states. These can be ego, humility, sweetness, harmony, wisdom, gratitude and compassion. The chambers of the heart are all interrelated and affect each other. When one chamber has been traumatized and thus responds in a dysfunctional way, this dysfunction can lead to blocking other chambers. For instance, if you are angry or sad, you really don’t feel much opening for joy or sweetness. These traumas and emotions can sit in the heart for a very long time causing heaviness (thus the well-known metaphor “having a heavy heart”). The flow of life can also feel blocked– fulfillment, way to move forward, hope, and even feeling your own soul and who you really are on the deepest levels.

While traumas held in one or another chamber of the heart can block us from experiencing life in a healthy, balanced, and happy way; there are also solutions inside each chamber to rectify and heal each problem (seeds). These seeds can be encouraged to grow and flourish to help counterbalance pain or to bring out a deeper aspect and understanding in the heart. Ultimately, to heal the energetic heart is to also heal the soul in many ways. The Inca Heart Healing session helps you to move forward out of pain and trauma into the power of your own heart and love (munay).

This healing session begins with two forms of cleansing, integration of intelligent light to revitalize your aura and body, and the Heart Healing.


Sometimes in life, we can lose touch with what it is that makes us happy, joyful, content, and peaceful. We may feel empty, depressed, lackluster, grumpy, sad, and no longer take pleasure in the things we do. We may just be going through the motions in life, avoiding living by only getting by, distracting ourselves so we don’t feel the numbness.

We don’t learn about this much in Western culture, but inside ourselves, we have “containers” that hold our emotions, heavy energies, negativity, and when those are filled will stress and accumulated issues, we literally in every sense lose vitality, health, peace, and happiness. We also have containers inside us that hold what makes us personally feel good and brings us much joy. These are called “containers of nectar” but many have lost touch with those hidden aspects or have forgotten about them; or don’t know how to access these.

The Hummingbird Healing Session (for lack of a better title) has been passed on for many generations through Q’ero Medicine people’s families. Gina was taught this as a Westerner through her trainings and apprenticeship with the Q’ero and Chincerro shamans/paqos/chakarunas. They didn’t give the name for it, but it works to help bring back harmony, joy, sweetness in life and so is connected to the Hummingbird who represents these qualities and energies.

Besides connecting you with your container of nectar and relieving you of the containers of heavy energies/stress, this healing session also helps to bring back trust, openness, your inner child, playfulness, zest for life, passion,


There are four main types of divination used by the Q’ero Inca shaman or paqo.  Each type of divination is unique and offers a specific energy which corresponds to different aspects of life and healing. They are Coca leaf readings, Pulse readings, Mesa (medicine bundle) readings, and Pleiadan Star readings.

1) Coca Leaf Reading:

The coca leaf reading connects you to Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the sacred mountains (Apus), at the same time as you receive the reading. Through the coca leaves we interact, offer respect and meditate with Pachamama and the Apus to give us the support to do the reading for you. Prior to the reading, we offer a despacho (flower offering) as a gift for Mother Earth to support the highest outcome and transformation of your questions about the future. Whenever Gina is unable to use coca leaves, she will offer the reading through Laurel or Bay leaves or Rose leaves. According to the paqos, these types of leaves have a similar high frequency energy.

Coca Leaf readings are very traditional and important to the paqos. The Coca leaf is the most used plant medicine in the Andean Q’ero Incan tradition. It was a sacred plant from ancient times. The story goes that Mother Mary was looking for Jesus in the Sinai Desert and could not find anything to eat. All she could find was an herb to stop the hunger. It was the coca leaf. Living in the mountains and with days of walking from one place to another, is strenuous and difficult. One cannot carry much food or pack anything for traveling. So because of the legend or related to this, the paqos became known as “chewers”. When you go for 2-3 days without food, this helps. Mother Mary is also another name for Pachamama (Mother Earth) and shows the way that the Q’eros translate the Catholic understanding of Mary into the context of their own landscape and ancient traditional and ceremonial belief structure. Coca leaves are a gift from her and nature. Chewing coca leaves is a good way to connect and interact with her and the mountains. The interaction offers inspiration from the spirits and a deep connection of nature.

In the Coca Leaf Reading, you will be able to ask a question about your future. We will read the way the leaves fall and are shaped in order to divine information from Pachamama about your future. Because Gina gives a gift to Pachamamain the form of a despacho on your behalf, the reading also offers energy and promotes the highest outcome and support for your question. She will need to be contacted in advance so she can prepare your despacho prior to the Coca leaves reading.

2) Pulse Readings:

Pulse readings are commonly used to diagnose all sorts of illnesses, problems, and issues in the Q’ero Inca shamanic medicine tradition. To read a pulse is to have direct contact with the soul and get answers from the energetic and physical body. The paqos (shamans) divide the left and right pulses. The right pulse is related to the energetic body, aura, or soul. The left pulse is related to the physical body. Together, they give a fuller picture of your overall health.

Some of the issues that may come up in a pulse reading can be related to grief, worry, sadness, anger, trauma, soul loss, or you may have a good and balanced pulse. Most pulses, however, beat with some sort of issue that is calling to be healed on some level. The type of pulse that you have will reveal what is going on with you at this time or sometimes in the past.

Along with the Pulse Reading, you will receive a recommendation for specific healing based on what your pulse says about you. You have the option to get the healing or not, but we will not know what you need for sure until the pulse reading is done. The Pulse Reading in and of itself, though gives a certain amount of healing in the connection that is made with the pulse and your heart.

3) Mesa Readings:

In the Mesa (Incan Medicine Bundle) reading, Gina will be working with her sacred medicine stones called khuyas. The Mesa Reading is good for those who would like insight into specific aspects of their future. The stones shed light on those issues in detail. They also provide a connection and healing to those issues with the energies of our mesas and the spirits of the mountains and nature.

There are two main types of Mesa Readings you can choose from. One of them is a general reading and the other is a specific reading. Each is done with different numbers of stones or sacred medicine khuyas.

  1. Mesa Reading with Five Khuyas (General Question): In this reading, Gina works with five medicine khuyas that paint a picture and tell us what is going on with you without asking any specific questions.
  2. Mesa Reading with Three Khuyas (Specific Question): In this reading you will ask a question and then Gina will divine the answer with three medicine khuyas. She looks at aspects of your question relating to the past, present, and future, with the help of the three sacred khuyas (sacred stones).

4) Pleiadian Stars Reading (Koto Kuna):

The Pleiadian Stars Reading is designed to answer questions about your destiny in life, as a whole. Gina works with sacred Chumpi stones from Machu Picchu and flowers in this form of divination. This is a reading, but it is also healing and support for your destiny. In fact, each their own way, the different types of readings she offers also give you support and healing for your questions. In this reading, Gina works with yellow, red, and white flowers to represent transformation, Pachamama, purity, and a connection with the ancestors of the stars and land.

The Pleiades are seen as the ancestors of the Q’ero Inca people and many people on earth. Our chumpi stones are used to connect you with this energy and the stars, along with the pure flower energies. Each one of the Pleiadian stars offers its own unique light, insight, and blessings.


During the Integrated Light Healing, you will be connected to each of the four suns in order to heal different parts of your body: Venus (bones), Orion (blood), Sun (heart), and Mercury (luminous body or aura). Also, new energy flow will be brought to your three vital centers (navel, heart, and third eye). The four suns also activate what is known as the Inca Seed or Living Energy Seed. The Inca Seed represents our soul and the pure child within us that needs to be reawakened. With this integration of light, you will be able to experience more light within yourself as well as be able to share more light with others from your soul. One more aspect of this initiations is that, in general, we work with the number four to honor the four elements and four directions, which are represented also by the Inca cross, to stabilize you into space and time and give you direction.


This traditional Incan healing is to help you manifest what you want in life and to walk the path of your heart and soul. If you feel that you are living your life more to please others or if you have lost direction or zest in life, this healing can help you to feel more power, direction, insight in life to use your talents to their fullest. Most people do not explore or use all that have inside them. Sometimes life can be traumatic and you are left feeling weak and with no support. This can make you feel sad, lost, or frustrated. You may have the feeling that you have sold yourself out or lost your purpose or self-integrity to what you really want your life to be like. You gave yourself away. This can have many consequences and even if you feel you did this to be of service to others, you were not in service to yourself or actually in service or balance with life and your purpose.

This is a heart centered healing. In this healing you connect with opening your heart; serving your life’s purpose; gaining support and inner power; balance, peace. more energy and flow in life. If you have experienced a divorce, break-up, or constantly feel you live your life ONLY for others and have given your power away, then this healing was designed to help you get back on your feet and live from your heart and soul more authentically.

The healing includes 2 forms of Cleansing and Integration of Light to Feed Your Energetic System.


We all have guidance available to us in the form of guides, ancestors, and inner masters. But sometimes we do not feel connected or aware of who they are or the wisdom they have to offer us. Our masters are both feminine and masculine in essence. We have both kinds, regardless of our gender. They have a great deal of information, healing energy, and guidance to share with us when we connect to them. This is the kind of information that no one else can provide because it is personal to us alone and it is unique to your story and energy.

In this Incan healing session, Gina will help you find your guides and inner compass. You will no doubt have many guides, but there also may be one or two specific for right now or a specific issue you are dealing with. She will help you to connect with one of your male and female guides. Along with this healing, you will receive three extra treatments- 2 forms of cleansing and integration of light, plus an energy report, the following day describing what she saw in the healing session and connection, step by step.

The Master and Guides Healing Connection is very profound and sets up or reaffirms the communication lines between you and your guides. Even if you already know your guides, there may be something special they want to share with you right now.  Taking the time to listen and giving attention to them is a blessing and support for you. This form of healing is specifically to help YOU connect for yourself, with yourself– your inner compass and guidance.


The purpose of the Mother Earth healing is to reconnect or reawaken your connection with her as the Mother and source of life. It is a way to feed your soul and also brings healing to her and the planet through love. If you feel ungrounded or disconnected from nature or other people on this planet, the Mother Earth healing helps bring you back into connection through her embracing arms of love and motherly support. You become rooted and grounded in the Earth. The result of this brings you much more energy because your energetic field is not only recycling through itself, but instead it is drawing from and exchanging energy from the ground and earth energy (which is immense). Thus you become more stable and balanced. You gain purpose in life as love is given to you unconditionally. You begin to feel that you are never alone and without the support and love that you need to survive and thrive. It is a key to not only self healing, but helping to heal others and nature.


The mountains physically and spiritually support the Q’eros, and for that matter, the rest of the world. Each mountain around the world is connected to each other in a worldwide network that stores and transmits tremendous amounts of energy crucial to the environment. Mountains also connect to the stars and other worlds or dimensions. Every mountain is known for holding a different type of healing energy. The mountain energy can be masculine or feminine, but the word Apu is considered to be masculine, while feminine mountains (or sections of mountains) are called nustas.  They are thought of like ancestors, but the word Apu can also be translated as ‘light being’ or ‘spirit of the mountain.’ This light being can intercede on a human’s behalf and help to connect one to the Upper and Middle worlds.

In the Mountain Healing, you will receive a connection to the energy of the mountains to bring stability, balance, supportive energy, and an opening of the heart. Many times in life, we may feel ungrounded and afloat in life with no direction or anchor. We might feel a lack of support for who we are or what we want to do in life. Our relationships could lack a sense of connection and may even feel as if support is being drained from us energetically. The Mountain Healing draws a direct energetic line for you to be fed once again and given the support you need, when you need it. An Apu can assist and work with any person who calls upon them, bringing back more balance and alignment with your life and purpose. It will help bring the nectar, or sweetness, back into your life so you can feel your inner child who wants to play and enjoy life. The mountains do not judge you; they are here to help you with your strength. They can also help you develop your healing powers and offer protection. You will also be connected with condor energy to help your heart to heal and give you support along with the mountains. The shamans say that you will able to feel that “your own heart is holding you.”


The Orion Healing (Kinsa Chaska) is one that connects with the three stars of Orion, also called “the Three Marys”. Three is very important in the Inca tradition because it relates to the 3 Worlds (Hanaq Pacha (Above) Kaypacha (Here) Uruq Pacha (layers in Mother Earth). It also relates to Mother, Child, Father; (time) Past, Present, Future; and the Subconscious, the Body, and the Super-Conscious. With this healing, you receive balance in those aspects, and the gifts of the light energy of those stars. It brings stability and integration in your life. Orion is a crucial star cluster that many cultures around the world have aligned their sacred sites to in Egypt, England, Central America, and quite a few other significant sites that store this light and send it out into the world through the grid. Therefore, this healing activation can connect you on a personal level to ley and energy lines from sacred sites made by humans, but also sacred sites in nature.


The Pleiadian Healing (Koto Kanchay) connects to your spine– your axis mundi, a bridge between the cosmos and earth. Each chakra, or nawi, will be connected to a different star from the Pleiades to bring you the essence of its light, energy, healing and knowledge to raise your consciousness for the New Times. The Pleiadian Healing Connection is very helpful as a whole for the different parts of your body/energetic points/soul.

SIRIUS INITIATION (Kushka Tuta Ch’aska or Midnight Star)

The Sirius Healing Connection (Kushka Tuta Ch’aska or Midnight Star) helps people who would like to open their intuition more and their 3rd eye. It helps people who have lost their way or path in their life to be able to see more clearly, to gain insight. This also works with the owl who can see in the dark. It gives you more stability while you are on your path and support. It also grounds you, even though it is a star!



The Southern Cross Constellation Initiation works with the crystal dimensions and quartz crystals to create a bridge between your body and the center of the Universe. The Southern Cross constellation is connected to the sacred cross or chakana and is located in the center of the Southern Hemisphere, giving access to the Milky Way (Mayu).




The Inca shamans have a special healing technique for breaking patterns, releasing blocks, bringing gifts of spirit, and opening the potential of our lives. With this healing, we work the energy of a blessed tree branch attuned to your energy. The Tree Healing also helps to give you added protection in your life and energy field. It brings more trust and purpose to move forward in life. The shamans have shared that the Tree Healing is very useful in the New Times that we are in now, the Taripay Pacha, “the century in which we meet ourselves again.

Trees are important spirit helpers of the Q’ero people. One extremely healing tree is the Palo Santo tree. The wood from this tree is burned in all healings, initiations, and ceremonies for purification, protection, good fortune, as well as a connection to the trees themselves. Palo Santo will be used in the Tree Healing in addition to another type of local tree chosen especially for you. Only naturally fallen branches will be used.

The Tree Healing relates to three parts of the body and the energy of the tree will help in this process.
1) Front Body: The front of the body relates to the past and things that are holding us back. It relates to sources, issues, and traumas.
2) Side Bodies: The sides of the body relate to the present and what is happening now. It relates to things that we want to work in our lives. The left side symbolizes support and what we want to anchor. We help you to anchor this in Mother Earth. The right side symbolizes action and guidance.
3) Back Body: The back of the body is related to the future. The energetic pathways can be opened more to achieving the kind of future you want unblocked by any unseen or seen forces.


This Inca healing is designed to cleanse your energy field beyond the 7 layers to include the 8th layer which relates to past, present, and future time in all our experiences within time. This energy field connects in through the top of our head, then spreads around our body. It keeps us plugged into the moment and provides the present time with a context. This layer pertains to our state in which we exist just prior to entering a lifetime through birth.

In general, energetic cleansing protects you from environmental, emotional, and physical stress which eventually can lead to all kinds of disease– you name it. Whatever your weakest area is in your body is, then this is where your problem can show up. You are protected by the bubble of light or cocoon around your body, commonly known as your aura. In Quechua, the language of the Incan people, this is called the Poq’po. Because cleansing is so important to healing, Gina automatically includes it in every healing session. The type of cleansing she uses is very thorough and rids one of the accumulation of heavy energies in the 7 layers of the body, called “hucha,” aka stress, or any energy that does not belong to you.

Our 8th layer in the poq’po is located differently and thus requires a separate treatment or healing technique. This layer also can contain energies we don’t need anymore and thus should also be cleansed regularly.

In the modern world, we are constantly being bombarded by outside energies, not only of other people and normal life situations and stress, but also electronic pollution that effects our electromagnetic field/aura in many different ways that may detrimentally effect our health and well-being (microwaves, wifi, 5G, radiation, spyware, and so on and so forth). In some ways, the 8th layer is our first line of defense and we want it to shield and maintain ourselves optimally.