MARCH 1: Shamanic Healing
MARCH 11: Incan Energy Activation
MARCH 13: New Moon Forecast & Ritual
MARCH 21: Solstice Despacho Ceremony, Quarterly Astrological Forecast, Zodiac Shamanic Healing
MARCH 28: Full Moon Forecast & Ritual


How much time do I have to commit each week to receive the full benefits?

We will send you the exact time the healings will take place each week, and while it is helpful to be relaxed and aware during this time, it is not necessary to receive the benefits of the healings. The sessions are done remotely, and as long as your name is on our list, healing energy will be sent to you. Detailed notes of all of the healing visions and ceremonies will be emailed to you so you can discover what happened at your leisure. That said, a commitment to doing the weekly meditation and written practices will help you tune in to yourself in the deepest way possible.

How do I know the healings are working?

Everyone has different ways of sensing the subtle bodies and their accompanying energies. It may be a simple shift in your mood, or a peace that comes over you. It could be a release of negative emotions as they temporarily resurface on their way out. Some people ‘hear’, some people ‘see’, and some just have a ‘knowing,’ or a new inspiring thought or perspective. You may not always be aware of what is happening in your luminous field, but the more you open to receiving, the more you will shift. The more hucha (heavy energy) that is released, the lighter and healthier you become. We will send you the description of the healing visions and energy activations so you have a more intellectual understanding of what occurred, as well as the tools to integrate the meaning into your own psyche.

Read our blog post by Gina O’Connor to learn more about How Long Distance Energy Healing Works.

Is there a limit to how long I should subscribe?

There is no limit! Our goal is to grow as you grow, and we will continue to evolve together. As long as we are here on this planet, we all have things to learn and missions to accomplish to become our best selves. And who can’t use a continuous boost of healing vibes and spiritual support?

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May I purchase a subscription for someone else? 

Yes, a subscription to THE VIBE at Satori Holistic will make a wonderful gift for a friends, family, those who inspire you, and those who need to be inspired. Choose from a gift certificate subscription paid either monthly or annually.

Can I schedule private sessions with the healing team?

Yes, book a private session with any of our worldwide practitioners from the USA, South America, and Europe. Sessions will be done via phone, What’s App, Zoom video, or remotely at a scheduled time, depending on the service and the method of the practitioner. You will receive a detailed report of the healing for remote sessions. Click on our About Us or Phone Sessions pages for more details about our practitioners and their services.

How can I become part of the SATORI WORLDWIDE community?

We are always seeking new experts- the best in your field healers, and wildly amazing meditation teachers, artists, and workshop instructors. If you would like to sign on as a guest healer or do an audio meditation for our group, contribute a poem or piece of art to be featured on our site, or if you have an online workshop you have created, we would love to talk further with you. Please contact us here to send a message our way.