Services: Spiritual & Life Coaching, Meditation: Effortless Presence, Mantra Meditation, Sacred Feminine

“Elizabeth is a skilled and sensitive guide for people wishing to begin to delve further into the practice of meditation.  She respects and makes use of many different meditation traditions and techniques, and customizes her guidance to the needs of the clients. She has helped me to both expand and deepen my meditation efforts, and I will always be grateful for her generous assistance.” -Melissa Hauptman


elizabeth ebaugh

Spiritual and Life coaching for life transitions, recareering, entrepreneurial pursuits, health and wellness, and general spiritual development.  Elizabeth specializes in helping people cross the bridge from long term illness, trauma, or any life circumstances that feel like they have derailed your train, to a life of balance, effective movement forward, and flow on all levels.

Her expertise lies in a deep understanding of the many systems, inner and outer, that affect your life journey. She is able to offer an MRI view of your life, family, community, career, and spirituality and offer experiences that help you weave the perfect fabric for your success.

Elizabeth uses brain-based processes like Brainspotting, guided imagery, mind mapping and other creative processes, meditation, dietary supplements, narrative and bibliotherapy among many tools in her toolbox.

A coaching package consists of 4 hour long sessions paced for each individual and a limited amount of texting and email questions.

Spiritual & Life Coaching (4 session package $800, Reg. $1000)


Using techniques from Dzogchen, Mahamudra, and Taoist meditation, we will explore how to meet the natural state of presence to self and others effortlessly.

As Quantum Physics scientists have reported through the Super String Theory, energetically all elements are connected.  As we learn to connect with the indestructible foundational state of awareness within ourselves, we can be present to that in others as well.

Some meditation experience is useful but not necessary to practice this form of meditation.


Most meditation paths include the repetition of syllables which we call mantras.  Some mantras are devotional, and others are repeated for the purpose of shifting our inner state with the vibration of the sound as we ease into a meditative practice.

Some commonly used mantras include: Om, So-Ham, Om Namah Shivaya, and Om Mani Padme Hum.

Elizabeth also offers the Mantra meditation to awaken our presence to Self and encourage the evolution of humanity.  She works with Tibetan, Sanskrit, and Irdin chants.


As we connect with the spaciousness within and the archetypes of the feminine such as devas, dakinis, and the mother in all her forms, we can intensify our experience of the feminine.  In a world that is often imbalanced on the side of the masculine in both men and women, this form of meditation is great to reestablish balance in your within and without.

Private Meditation: $100 (30 min)