“Daniel Camburn has an unparalleled ability to relate Chinese Medicine to the present day human condition. His ability to clarify and distinguish symptoms, pathology, and treatment between allopathic and Chinese medicine is not only organized and methodical, but sagacious.” -Tricia, Acupuncturist


Daniel began his study of Asian medicine in 1988 via the martial arts. In 1998, he achieved a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Subsequently, he studied in China and Tibet. Having taught didactic classes and supervised interns at 6 schools (in 5 states), he has also maintained a clinical practice since 1998, specializing in internal medicine, emotional disorders, and gynecology. Daniel has developed a very effective personal system based on the experience that nearly all disease is emotional-spiritual in origin. This holds especially true for musculoskeletal complaints. Being able to discern and understand this emotional-spiritual origin allows for the total resolution of many ailments that may have otherwise resisted treatment.

With over 6,000 herbs in the Chinese pharmacopoeia, herbal prescriptions are prepared after a careful diagnosis of each individual according to the specific nature of the disease. Daniel has prescribed more than 20,000 raw herb formulas, and more than 10,000 granule formulas, with outstanding success in the majority of cases, defining him as a “Master Herbalist.”


What are the benefits of taking Chinese herbs?

Taking herbs will save you money, and reduce or eliminate “sick days.”

The proper herbs will make you healthy and strong, and keep you feeling emotionally, mentally, and spiritually well. This keeps you from needing many forms of medicine and therapies. You will no longer have to spend money on items such as: junk ‘comfort foods,’ Vitamin C to fight colds, cough drops, eye drops, prescription drugs, aspirin, Tylenol, skin creams, acne creams, deodorant, foot sprays, new clothes needed for weight gain, weight loss pills that harm your kidneys, depression seminars, motivational seminars, alcohol, or drugs.

Taking herbs will vastly improve your outlook on life and your quality of life.

This includes how you view your wonderful body, your brain, your family, your work, your relationship with the divine, your lot in life, your money situation, and your partner. You will quickly begin to view everything as ‘in balance’ and even ‘good.’

Taking herbs will regulate all of your body’s functions.

These functions include your central nervous system (brain and nervous control), hormonal, digestive, menstrual, reproductive, heart, lungs, pancreas, liver, kidneys, bowels, urination, muscle contraction/flaccidity, inappropriate hair growth; also resolving a lack of hair growth, and physical and/or mental development.

Taking herbs helps reduce or eliminate any bodily pains.

Pain is the body’s way of relaying to the consciousness that there is stagnation, a lack of free flow. Free flow is also equivalent to health. Lack of free flow equates to disease. Pain is never normal or correct. When various people say that your pain is normal or expected, they are simply wrong.

Taking herbs will prevent the majority of ailments and lead to a longer, healthier life.

Chinese medicine has been long dedicated to preventative medicine. When taking herbs, especially over time, various ailments and discomforts simply do not occur. Likewise, inside your body, all manners of potential diseases and problems are prevented before you may even become aware of them.

Chinese Herbal Consultation:

$250 (60 min Initial)
$150 (30 min Follow up)
Price of herbs additional