Theta Healing® is a holistic healing technique which directly accesses the subconscious mind to fix the “bugs in the software,” therefore allowing instant healings and profound life changes.  Theta Healing® involves techniques used to reprogram the unconscious mind, identify and unblock belief systems that are impeding the path to wellness, and transform aspects of life such as health, finances, relationships, and spirituality.

Our Theta Healer® Anne Marie uses a combination of speaking, meditation, and prayer that utilizes the fundamental creative life energy of the universe to change limiting beliefs.  By changing the brain wave cycle to include the “Theta” state, the mind begins to influence the body to create optimum health.  Belief and Feeling Work on the four levels (Core, Gene, History, and Soul) empower you with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with positive, beneficial ones.


Theta Healing®: $185 (60 min)