A clear and balanced energetic state is enhanced by your surroundings.  If you are bombarded by negative energies that are present in the home or workplace, it requires more effort to stay in the flow of life. 

Energetic Space Clearing cleans and charges a person’s environment with positive energy, removing the past negative imprints from arguments or the clutter others in your space leave behind.  If you are struggling with focus, motivation, or clarity, it is important to look at your personal space.  Anything that has held strong emotions can linger in the space and cause heavy energies to collect and disrupt harmony. 

Once the space is cleared, a lightness and flow will enhance your everyday experiences.  At Satori, we provide either distant space clearings, or in-person in New York City. 

Space Clearing: $200/hour (in person in NYC)
  $150 (distance)