The stressful environment we all live in now takes in a lot of territory - especially the electromagnetic radiation coming from electronic equipment, cell phones, cell towers, and microwaves. There are very few people who have not experienced the feeling of "I need to unwind!" This is the result of life in our modern world. Did you know, however, that "unwinding" has more than just a casual meaning? For the body, "unwinding" is a very real thing. More than just resting or “chilling out” in front of the TV, unwinding is a physical process that must take place inside all of our cells in order to maintain bodily and mental health.

All the cells of our organs, especially our glands, keep us healthy by what is known as "spinning." Yes, all our cells have a specific direction and speed in which they spin in their microscopic environments, creating a polarity that puts us into a state of health and balance. This creates a very crucial electromagnetic field in and around our bodies, which is subject to disruption from a number of things - electromagnetic frequencies as mentioned, and even negative emotional states.

Many people, without even knowing why or how they work, are drawn to practices that can smooth out these disruptions. Practices such as martial arts, meditation, yoga, and cranio-sacral therapy are a few examples of ways in which the body and mind can be brought into a state of neutrality called "still-point." This is a state where the mind is relaxed and the physical body is functioning optimally. However enjoyable these practices are, they take time to learn and often require discipline. Happily, with low-level laser therapy, the body can easily be put into “still-point” with no effort or special knowledge on the part of the client.

During a session, clients simply sit or lie down in a comfortable position as gentle applications of low-level laser are applied to points of stress. The benefits of a short 15-30 minute session are enormous. Tension begins to unwind, and both the body and mind begin to heal themselves. The Scalar laser delivers multiple programs designed to match the client's specific concerns. In addition to more than 15 programs built into the laser, customized programs can be created as well.

The laser delivers three specific frequencies in varying combinations, each designed to address a specific need. The Red frequency (650 nm) improves blood flow to the tissues, easing pain and congestion. The Infrared frequency (780 nm) reaches deep into tissues and bone, relieving stagnation and encouraging cell regeneration. The Violet frequency (405 nm) has been the subject of much scientific investigation, and offers the unique ability to "unwind" and release cellular memory. The fact that the body can often re-experience a physical or emotional trauma has a lot to do with what is now termed "cellular memory." Even though we may have healed on a surface level, the cells often pass on information to the next generation of cells about our old injuries. The Violet frequency can help dissolve these cellular memories, making it an invaluable aid not only for physical problems but for emotional issues. The Violet frequency can be also applied with a probe and shone into the client's energetic field surrounding the body, speeding the release and resolution of issues that would otherwise take many sessions of therapy to resolve.

Dr. Milau uses Scalar Laser Therapy in conjunction with other releasing modalities, such as Meridian Tapping, Hypnosis, and Reiki. The sessions are compatible with the use of concurrent medications and should be combined with proper medical care for existing conditions. Laser therapy is not intended as a substitute for medical care, and no claims are made as to cures.


Scalar Laser Therapy: $250 (45 min)