Dr. Milau offers a variety of healing therapies designed to reduce physical and emotional blockages. Depending on the patient's condition and suitability to work with a specific healing technique, Dr. Milau will tailor a specific program for each individual patient.


There are many options in the area of counseling from which to choose. Just a few examples include basic supportive psychotherapy, cognitive behaviorial therapy, emotional freedom therapy and several others. Each can be tailored to short-term or long-term programs, depending on the client's needs.


Dr. Milau offers a range of personalized services which can be put together for the client after an initial consultation. The patient's history and current situation are considered along with any preference they might have. After considering all the options open to the patient, Dr. Milau will help put together a plan for the best possible outcome.



Initial Consultation: $375 (60 min)
Follow Up Visit: $325 (45 min)