Hypnosis – what is it?

For many people, their first and only exposure to hypnosis is through the entertainment industry. They may have seen someone doing something out of the ordinary on a stage or in the movies. They then form the idea that hypnosis is somehow a method that makes one do or say things they normally would not. While these forms of “entertainment hypnosis” are interesting and possible, they are never the basis of clinical hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy in the hands of a skilled therapist has helped thousands to unlock mental blocks that are otherwise likely to stay buried in the unconscious.

Hypnosis has a very long history and has gone by many names, including “mesmerism;” however, it is simply a tool that utilizes the ability of every human being to go into a state of “trance” – a state very much like daydreaming. If you have ever had the experience of riding in a car or bus and suddenly realized you’ve reached your destination and have no idea where your mind has been, you’ve experienced trance. By deliberately going into this relaxed state of mind, the brain alters its electrical activity and goes into what is known as the “alpha” state. This is a very calm state where it is easy to accept suggestions. Whether or not one actually does accept a suggestion is entirely under the control of the client, not the therapist. In fact, contrary to what many people believe, it is not possible to make a client do anything that is contrary to his will or belief system. Suggestions that are accepted are only those that the client is in harmony with.

A very famous psychiatrist, Dr. Milton Erickson, developed a novel approach to using already established hypnotic techniques. His approach gave a lot of permission to the patient to accept suggestions based on what they had already expressed as their wishes. Rather than using direct commands, he often would simply refer indirectly to the patient’s problem, and let their subconscious mind work on a solution that the patient was already ready for. This approach can often achieve dramatic results as it gives the patient control. This Ericksonian approach is the method studied by Dr. Milau during her training at the New York Ericksonian Society for Hypnotherapy and has proven to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for many of her patients.

Hypnosis can be used for many issues such as sleep disorders, smoking, weight loss, relationships, etc. It can be used alone or combined with other modalities such as light therapy and meridian tapping for further reinforcement of results. Dr. Milau uses Hypnosis alone or combined with other  modalities such as light therapy and meridian tapping for further reinforcement of results. 


Hypnotherapy: $250 (60 min)