Satori’s waiting area
As you wait, help yourself to our signature tea while you read a book from our library.
A sample of our products
Tina’s treatment room where you will experience Facials, Body Rituals, and Waxing
Treatment room at Satori for acupuncture, massage, or a healing session with Anne Marie
Anjali giving an acupuncture treatment
Acupuncture Facial
Acupuncture Facial
Tina giving a Body Ritual treatment
Tina giving a Body Ritual treatment
Crystal Energy Therapy
Crystal Energy Therapy
Anne Marie giving a Crystal Energy treatment
Birdie giving a Tarot reading
The clays used for our Five Color Clay, Five Element, and Seasonal Alchemy Facials
A Five Color Clay Facial experience
Tina giving the final touches to the Five Color Clay Facial
Vibrational Healing
Ohm Harmonizing Facial
Vibrational Healing
Ear Candling
Shamanic Healing
Four of our healers- Anne Marie, Tina, Anjali, & Birdie
Edan performing Acro Yoga in Bryant Park
Edan in the streets of New York
Tina and Anjali, the masterminds behind Satori's beauty & wellness treatments
Anamaria, our Nutritionist and Ayurveda Therapist